The Big Toe is a fungal gangster and leader of his fellow digits. He is one of Courage's original enemies.

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A quintessential gang lord, The Big Toe is criminally intelligent and "puts the squeeze" on those who hinder his progress. Unfortunately, his shape very much limits his functionality and therefore his competency, and leaves his plans as outrageous pipedreams that only blackmailed lackeys can act on. The cure to his infection is canine saliva, although he has exhibited the ability to then manifest on their tongue.

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His being first came to be when Eustace contracted a foot fungus. Despite Muriel's attempts to remedy his formation, he continued to rapidly grow until he engulfed the farmer's body. The Big Toe, as he came to be called, was now adequately able to begin his reign of crime. He enlisted Courage to carry out his transgressions (as he and his associates ironically lacked the appendages to do so), commencing with a simple burglarly. Using Muriel's life as motivation, he forced the dog to rob a nearby bank. However, the robbery was botched when the bank blew up, destroying all the savings inside. Next, they intended to hold up a train. Once again, the plan fell in vain when the Big Toe slipped on Courage's conveniently placed banana peel, and kicked the train miles away. They regrouped at the farmhouse, and devised their most elaborate scheme yet; knocking over Florida. Before they had the chance to execute it, however, Courage exposed them to their one weakness; dog drool. The fungus retracted and Eustace was freed. Shortly afterwards, the Big Toe tried to resume his plans from within Courage's mouth. (Ep.7-2).

The foot gang made their return when they were summoned by Eustace to exact revenge on Courage. Despite the pinky toe's argument that a complicated plan was not necessary to defeat him (as he was vulnerable and in close proximity), they decided to kidnap Muriel and ambush him. When Courage rushed downstairs after hearing Muriel scream, the Big Toe crushed him, still sore about getting licked off. Katz then challenges Courage to a brief game of dodgeball before he dies, during the course of which the Big Toe and his subordinates are used as a catapault for the Cajun Fox's pirogues. The final moment arrived, and the clutching foot armed himself with a spiked club for the job. At that moment, Courage unleashed a monumetal scream that tore the floor in half, into a pit that the Big Toe fell into. (Ep.50-2)

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  1. The Clutching Foot
  2. Ball of Revenge