Courage The Cowardly Dog The show's complete production credits (These are taken from the Season One credits. The list will be updated soon to include additional production names since then.)

Executive Producer John R. Dilworth

Producer Robert Winthrop

Production Manager Barbara Jean Kearney

Associate Producer Risa Neuwirth

Head Writer David Steven Cohen

Story Supervisor John R. Dilworth

Senior Story Consultant Irvin S. Bauer

Staff Writer William Hohauser

Recording Director Peter Fernandez

Voices Marty Grabstein as Courage Lionel Wilson as Eustace Thea White as Muriel

Design Supervisor Tim Chi Ly

Design John Allemand Jeff Brennan Jim P. Dilworth Kevin Kobasic Pilar C. Newton Ramses Andy Smith Martin Wittig Jose Andres Velasco

Walk Cycles Ray Da Silva Tony Eastman David Wachtenheim

Mouth Charts Janet Benn John Paratore Martin Wittig

Additional Design Pictor Entertainment, Inc.

Storyboard Supervisor Bob Miller

Additional Storyboards by Atomic Cartoons Milimetros S.A. Pictor Entertainment, Inc.

Storyboard Revisions John Allemand R. Theodore Brown Voon S. Chong Brian Clark Gloria De Ponte J.P. Dillard Sean Lattrell Wayne Murray Pilar C. Newton Elaine Roche David Wachtenheim Michael Wetterhahn

Recording By Pharoah Editorial

Record Engineer Richard Fairbanks

Dialog Editor Peter Roos

Casting By Donald Case Casting, Inc.

Production Coordinator Randall Grant

Production Assistants Stephen Parker Maria Fernanda Urgelles

Production Support Robert Bandel R. Theodore Brown Martin Fullone Daryle Lockhart Tara Purrone Nelson Magallanes

Assistant To Mr. Dilworth Joanne R. Bongiorno

Art Director John R. Dilworth

Color Stylists Andrew Covalt Dai Dai Fida Hamze Reuter Margaret Frey Lee Stacy

Color Assistant/Lan Mark Su Jin Han

Title Card Artwork By Margaret Frey

Main Title By John R. Dilworth

Animatics William Hohauser ESPY-TV Rainne Wu Joseph Maidenberg

X-Sheet Timer Bill Reed

Animation Checker Janet Benn

Track Reading ZAP Studios

Music by Jody Gray and Andy Ezrin for STS Music Group

Music Supervision By Rob Aster and Michael Lau

Music Production Engineered By Bruce Buchanan at STS Virtual Studios

Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Design Timothy J. Borquez, MPSE

Sound Effects Editors Doug Andorka Glenn Oyabe Jeff Hutchins Andrea Anderson

Foley Artist Vincent Giusetti

Technical Support Timothy J. Borquez, CAS Eric Freeman Doug Andorka

Services Provided By Hacienda Post

Final Mix at Pomann Sound, NYC Bob Pomann Michelle Ciment

Post Production Supervisor Peter Roos Pharoah Editorial

Offline Editors David Schulhoff Korinna Knoll

Online Editors Steve Fitzpatrick Tom Kartelias

Da Vinci Martin Zeichner

Stock Footage/Reference Mark Heller at Streamline Pictures, Inc.

Digital Film Recording Steve Hagel and Don Gyryluk at ACMEworks Digital Film, Inc.

Production Accountant/Office Manager Robert La Salle

Consulting Production Accountant Anthony Reyes

Production Consultant Winnie Chaffee

Interns Celia Bullwinkel Kalik Hamilton David Nardiello Scott Winston Seung Lee

Overseas Production Facility Wang Film Productions Co., Ltd.

Overseas Directors Jack Yen Mr. Wu

Overseas Supervisor Christopher York

Layout Supervisor Swatch Jang

Assistant Supervisor Ching Huang

Background Supervisor Vincent Lu

Supervising Producer for Cartoon Network Bill Schultz

Executives In Charge Of Production for Cartoon Network Linda Simensky Jay Bastian