The Computer is Courage's PC, which he regularly uses to solve problems or gain information. It has a large amount of appearances, varying from a faithful ally to the main antagonist.


Armed with British wit and a full hard drive of knowledge, it is a box of sarcasm and pride. It believes that lack of emotions make machines dominant over humans, and finds them cowardly. However, after its experience in a body, it has shown to be capable of fear, though it denies it. Consulted with Courage's problems, he often refers to him as a "twit" and includes plenty of cynicism in his explanations.


During the episode Hard Drive Courage, the computer becomes infected with a virus and becomes sick. in order to try and compensate for this, it digitises Muriel and uses her as a motherboard until he gets well. He eventually is brought back to health after a brief fight with Courage, who had come to rescue Muriel, by Muriel's special gelatin. During this time the computer takes the form of a short snake of 1's and 0's with a human head.


  1. The Shadow of Courage
  2. Night of the Weremole
  3. The Clutching Foot
  4. Everyone Wants To Direct
  5. Mega Muriel the Magnificent
  6. The Transplant
  7. McPhearson Phantom
  8. Hard Drive Courage