Dr Vindaloo

Dr Vindaloo

Dr. Vindaloo is an Indian doctor described as "M.D. Quack." He is very close to the Bagge family, and is one of the few people Courage considers a friend.


His medical skills are lackluster, and his power of observation is even worse. Often times, he passes off easily indentifiably malignant conditions as being of no concern with the refrain "It's nothing to worry about, nothing at all", and recommends soaking as a universal remedy or that "there is nothing i can do at all". With a high enough sum of money, his doctor-patient confidentiality can be bipassed. He has a strange habit of plucking or shaving hair from areas of his body.


Nothing much is known about him except that he is the Bagge family's doctor. He at one point owned an elephant, which he was seen once to ride, though he seems to have lost it, as he was seen putting up "Lost" posters inWrath of the Librarian.


  1. Night of the Weremole
  2. The Magic Tree of Nowhere
  3. The Record Deal
  4. Mondo Magic (brief moment)
  5. Goat Pain
  6. Wrath of the Librarian