Van Volkheim

Errol Van Volkheim was a serial killer who posed as an independent film director prior to his death. Currently a zombie, he is the partner of Benton Tarantella, and appears in Everyone Wants to Direct.

Personality EditEdit

Like Tarantella, Van Volkheim was a fraud that used his deceitful moniker to trick his victims. Seemingly, while locked away, he had a revelation and was released from his life-sentence due to good behavior. In his undead resurrection, however, he still carries a certain taste for bloodshed. He speaks with a thick German (possibly Austrian) accent.

History EditEdit

Van Volkheim was arrested for a spree of murders against unknowledgeable innocents believing him to be a director. Overtime, he grew better and was released from jail for good behavior. His partner stayed in prison, but the two were-- at some point-- able to plan out their supernatural return. Eventually, Errol died and was buried in a cemetary that the Bagge Farmhouse was built on top of. Later, Tarantella tricked Eustace into unburying his old accomplice. Revived by the light of the aligned planets, Van Volkheim and Tarantella continued their old ways by trying to consume Muriel. Strictly following the script, though, was their downfall, when Courage altered the ending to have the two return into the ground. As the dead criminals climbed back into the hole, their bickering could still be heard.