Eustace Bagge is the farmer who lives in the middle of nowhere. He lives with his wife Muriel and her dog Courage. He is often seen trying to love courage by wearing a pie and saying oo ga bu ga bu ga or some other phrases.

Personality Edit

Eustace Bagge is a stubborn old man that is usually good to everyone around him except for his mother Ma Bagge. He is usually seen as a sardonic person to everyone around him and is sarcastic when it comes to money. In almost every episode, he is seen sitting in his favourite red chair while reading a copy of the Nowhere newspaper and possibly watching his television which he deems is precious to him. His most hated character in the series is Ma Bagge because she and his brother mistreated him causing him to be heartbroken.

Lack of talent or good looks fuels Eustace's demeanor that has been a wreck since his childhood. Throughout his life, he lived under the shadow of his more successful brother Horst, and at the same time being hated by his mother and neglected by his father. He is in constant denial over his lack of abilities, although he believes he can fix anything. Eustace is excruciatingly ironical, and will seize any opportunity to be paid to compensate for his lack of money. Courage's arrival was an unwelcome addition to his life, as it distracts his wife Muriel from feeding him, and he emphasizes this fact frequently. Despite this, Eustace has shown a genuine love towards Muriel (though not unbending in the least) and has on occasions allied with Courage to protect her. He is immune to emotions, but has a soft spot for children that remind him of himself. His constant annoyance of Courage seems to be a guise to cover up his own cowardice, which is also quick to be displayed in a scary situation. His favorite musician is Velvet Vick, and his interests include watching television and fishing.

Eustace has a great love of his hat, his chair, and for a particular blanket.

History EditEdit

Eustace was raised up in a small household family with his dad (deceased), mother, and his older brother Horst (deceased). In the beginning of the series he is seen already married to Muriel Bagge and living with her and her dog Courage in the middle of nowhere where they are constantly trying to avoid the horrible series of events that keeps occurring.

He is referred to in any episode with Shirley the medium, by Shirley, as "The good one" because he always listens to her or does the right thing, which always leads to some ominous portence, such as being loved, or having magical sunglasses watched  him