Freaky Fred


Freaky Fred
Full Name Fred
Gender: Male
Age Adult
Species Human
Nationality American, Scottish
Hair Blonde
Eyes Black
First Appearance Freaky Fred
Last Appearance Ball of revenge
Location Unkown
Relatives Muriel Bagge (aunt)

Aunt Gertrude (great great aunt) Eustace Bagge (uncle)

Portrayer(s) Paul Schoeffler

Ian James Corlett

'Freaky' Fred is Muriel's creepy nephew who was sent to a psych ward for crazy barbers, due to his obsession with cutting hair. While visiting Muriel, he gets locked in the bathroom with Courage by "accident" and shaves off all of Courage's fur while reminiscing about similar incidents involving his pet gerbil, his girlfriend, and a customer at his barber shop. Aside from his obsession with cutting hair, he has no other psychotic tendencies, and does seem to have a sense of what he thinks is weird, as he chooses not to shave Courage's tail on the grounds that it "would be weird". Most of his dialogue is rendered to himself in prose, in which he inserts the word "naughty" at every fourth line, or alternatively "in a certain mood" or "you know".