The Hunchback is a deformed man that befriends Courage in The Hunchback of Nowwhere.


His most prominent feature is, obviously, the malformed lump of a spine that dominates his entire upper torso. His skin is a hideous shade of green, and stretches over a wrinkled and bulbous face. He has one normal-shaped purple eye, and one that protrudes from its socket, and a completely bald scalp, save two clusters of messy red hair on either side of his head. There is a scar just under the left side of his mouth.


In spite of his lack of physical attractiveness, - which makes him a social outcast - the Hunchback is a very gentle, affectionate person. He is artistic, and shows great talent in making music, shadow puppets and trapeze acrobatics. Although he himself takes little offense in being shunned, he becomes enraged by those who pick on others weaker than themselves. He spends most of his days hiking through the world, carrying with him a plentiful set of brass bells. The kindess of strangers is a cheerful topic for him, and he thoroughly enjoys discovering such people on his many travels.



  • "Are you ugly? Yes!"


  1. The Hunchback of Nowhere