The Katz Motel is a small, no-vacancy inn located outside the town of Nowhere. Run by Katz, it follows strict anti-dog regulations, and contains, presumably, over six-hundred rooms and a vast underground The Katz MotelAdded by Canademocomplex. It appears soley in the series premiere, A Night at the Katz Motel.

Description EditEdit

Tenants that stay at the motel have a tendency to disappear. This is because the service is part of an elaborate scheme on behalf of the manager to feed his massive collection of spiders. Rooms are rigged for surveillance and abduction, and contain easy access points for the insects to enter. This equation has kept the Katz Motel running and Katz's pets fed, at least until the arrival of the Bagge family, who managed to escape with their lives. His scam foiled, Katz has seemingly left the motel to pursue different projects.