King Ramses

King Ramses
is the spooky Egyptian ghost. Courage meets him in the episode King Ramses when Eustace refuses to give back the stone tablet that was looted from two unknown thieves. He plagues the Bagg family with three curses in order for them to give back what was stolen however, Eustace realizes at he beginning of the episode that the stone tablet that was stolen is worth a huge amount of cash and refuses to give it back despite being plague by the egyptian curses.


King Ramses is an ancient king that gets released when Eustace refuses to return the slab to the museum. In the episode King Ramses' Curse, he plagues the Bagge family with three curses: a flood, annoying music, and a swarm of locust. He laters returns to his resting place taking Eustace with him. King Ramses was an actual pharaoh.