King Ramses' Curse is first half of the seventh episode of season one, preceeding The Clutching Foot. It originally aired on January 21st, 2000. It is commonly hailed by viewers as the creepiest episode of the series


The episode opens with two cats thieves that stole King Ramses' slab. Upon being chased by a police helicopter, they jump out of their car and bury the slab by the Bagges' water pump. They are about to get back in and drive away, when King Ramses appears in the middle of the road, and sets his locust curse upon them.

The next day, Courage is digging on the farm and discovers the slab. He takes it to Eustace, who initially thinks that it is garbage. Shortly after he throws it out the window, a news broadcast says that the slab is worth a million dollars. Professor Frith then shows up and tries to reclaim it, but cannot, as Eustace's greed makes him demand a million dollars in return.

Almost immediately after the professor leaves, King Ramses shows up and demands the slab. After Eustace refuses, he sets his first curse on them, shown by the water droplet on the slab magically disappearing. Immediately thereafter, the farmhouse begins to fill with water. Courage is able to save the day, however, by pulling out a plug in the basement, allowing the water to flow out of the house.

King Ramses then unleashes his second curse on the Bagge family. This curse comes in the form of horrible music. Eustace counters this curse by stuffing cotton in his ears, and Courage stops the music by smashing the gramophone emitting it, hidden behind a rock. When he does this, King Ramses sets loose his third and final curse: locusts.

When this happens, Courage finally wrestles Eustace for control of the slab. The fighting doesn't do any good until the locusts begin to eat the walls down around them. After that, Eustace throws the slab away, stopping the locusts. However, as soon as they go away, he runs to the slab and picks it up. He claims that Ramses has run out of curses, but the locusts return and attack Eustace when he refuses to return the slab. King Ramses then presumably has Eustace take his place as a mummy, as shown in the final scene.

Quotes[2] EditEdit

Eustace: Well, judging by the markings and the obvious age of the relic, I'd have to say it would be... garbage!

Muriel: Eustace!

Eustace: Garbage! From King Garbage! Of the Garbage Dynasty! Stupid dog, always bringing garbage into the house.

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