This lists a page of minor characters in courage the cowardly dog.

minor charactersEdit


Mr. Nasty is a being created by Benton Tarantella from Eustace's true essence. He is similar to Eustace in identity and temperament, only with sunglasses and bluish skin.

Banana SalesmanEdit

A member of a race of anthropomorphic bananas featured in 1000 Years of Courage. He later appears in Katz Under the Sea, illegally selling top government secrets.

The Mutant JamEdit

One of Katz's candy creations in Katz Kandy, a one-eyed, tentacled blob of jam. Katz sent it to the Bagges' farm to capture Muriel and find out her secret ingredient for her candy recipes.
The Jello Jam

Jello Jam

Space DinoEdit

The Space Dino is a dinosaur like creature that sits on a meteor outside Earth's atmosphere, and is always seen with a tennis racket, which he uses to hit celestial objects.