Full Name Muriel Bagge
Gender: Female
Age 73
Species Human
Nationality Scottish
Hair Gray, formerly Black
Eyes Black
First Appearance

a night at the katz motel

Last Appearance perfect
Location middle off nowwere

Eustace Bagge (husband)

ma bagge (mother in-law)Ickett Bagge (father in-law)

aunt gertrude (great aunt)

courage (pet dog)

Portrayer(s) Thea White

Muriel Bagge is a kindly and elderly Scottish woman who took Courage in when he was a puppy. She often carries a roller that she hits Eustace with when he harasses Courage. She likes tea and usually tends her garden, has a fondness for cookery, (in which she usually uses an excessive amount of vinegar, which frequently disgusts Courage and Eustace) plays the sitar, or watches television. She is frequently kidnapped by the villain of the week, and is highly gullible, easily being tricked by the villains no matter how bizarre or obvious their disguises and stupid

muriel and courageEdit

courage protects muriel from evil villains which try to harm her and her husband eustace bagge muriel loves courage and courage always fights off evil to defend her courage shows undoudting love for muriel.Muriel meet her dark side in muriel meets her mach when a robber looking like muriel begain robbing banks.

muriel and eustaceEdit

Even though muriel loves courage more than eustace and eustace hates courage he even tried to harm muriel to trap courage in the ball off revenge however muriel has showed love for eustace and eustace has showed love for muriel to occsainley courage and eustace will join forces to save muriel from evil villians such as the demon in the matress muriel rooted for courage and smacked eustace in the head at the end off the episode for trying to harm her.

muriels familyEdit

muriel lived in Scotland with her mother and was very hyper as a child.

muriel and kindnessEdit

muriel is very kind often making her a target for villians who try to kidnap her thats when courage enter fears and saves muriel from evil.Muriel is a very kind person who treats every one nice as seen in most episodes and in the hunch back from nowhere were she was nice to the hunch back who said he hopes to meet more people like muriel and courage.