The Demon in the Mattress is the fourth episode of Season One, written by Irvin S. Bauer and directed by John R. Dilworth. It first aired on December 3rd, 1999. It preceeds Freaky Fred.

Plot Outline [1] EditEdit

Muriel orders a new mattress that happens to be posessed by a demon. Courage looks to Eustace to help him exorcise the demon.

Trivia[2] EditEdit

  • First appearance of the Mattress Demon.
  • The rats' wagon is a 3D animation.
  • Incantation to exorcise a demon: "Hullaballoo and howdy doo / Musty prawns and timbuktu / Yeltzy bye and hippity poo / Kick 'em in the dishpan, hoo hoo hoo!"

Preceeded by: Episode 4 (1/2) Followed by:

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The Demon in the Mattress

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